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iOS App Development.

Native iOS app development, or writing code with Swift, adheres to Apple’s standards and leads to the most robust, scalable, polished,
and smooth end-product as possible. For this reason, we’ve built out a team of senior Swift developers that are equipped to build even the most complex native iPhone and iPad applications.

We take pride in having your end product work as beautifully as it looks, both in the code you can see, and with what happens behind the scenes. Perhaps most importantly, we strive to have ‘pixel perfection’ when implementing your designs. We’re picky as customers and demand the best. Why should your app be any different? We achieve this by having our designers and developers working together on an integrated multidisciplinary team that combines both right and left sides of the brain.

Android App Development.

Inventivum’s native Android app developers are equipped to build Android apps from-scratch in the Kotlin language. The best Android apps follow Google-led design guidelines and principles, which we bring to each Android product we work on.

With so many different Android devices in the world, it is vital to test your Android app on a variety of devices and operating systems to ensure the user experience is consistent across the fragmented Android ecosystem. With an emphasis on ease-of-use, being true to the intended design, and having a focus on regular testing, our senior Android developers ensure that your end-product is magical.

Cross Platform Flutter App

While many cross-platform development languages promise more than they can deliver – and are typically used by web development specialists who would love to be able to sell mobile app services as well – we’ve become extremely impressed with Google’s own cross-platform language, Flutter.

For this reason, we’ve expanded our service offering to include Flutter as a cross-platform language that we are equipped to offer to our clients when a native app experience isn’t needed. If cross-platform development is a business requirement, or if you have a simple enough User Interface and feature stack that we believe Flutter can adequately handle, we’ll guide you down this path as a fantastic cost-saving option.

Cross-platform app development with Flutter allows your app to be distributed to both Apple and Android app stores with a single code-base: bringing the time (and cost) to develop your app down by anywhere from 30-50%.

Enterprise Mobile App

When building a mobile app as an established business, our first task is to analyze your business requirements and determine the best tech-stack we can bring to the table. Is native iPhone or Android development right for you? Or, is there a path to solving your problem with a cross-platform mobile app, or perhaps even a responsive web-app to keep costs down and deploy your solution to more devices at once?

Then, following this up with a SolutionLab blueprinting and roadmapping session, our team of consultants ensures your feature set is mapped out in granular detail with a precise understanding of the price per feature that can be tailored to a budget that you define.

Partnering with Inventivum means quality, value, and attentivenessn that has earned us the title of top-rated app firm in the Africa.