Inventivum Tech Limited

Inventivum Technology Limited is a software engineering company that builds custom solutions that combine business domain expertise with mastery of horizontal technology knowledge. We work efficiently, with the goal of uncovering the often hidden potential of software products, At Inventivum, we understand that to create extraordinary and technologically advanced products you don’t need just coders or admins. You need top-notch engineers and creative thinkers. This is why, at every stage of the project lifecycle, we look for the most optimal solution to help materialize business goals as user-acclaimed products. We are always willing to partner with clients through the full software product development lifecycle. From design and development, integration with a third-party stack, to deployment in a production environment, and further support. The services we provide include advanced Research and Development for powerful and exceptional results.

We strongly believe that relatively small teams staffed by top quality people outperform any other type of IT project teams. By outperform, we mean achieve a lower overall cost, reduce risk and improve delivery times.

We keep our values simple, but we believe in every word and act upon them in our everyday work.


Why Inventivum

Efficient Project Management

Our managers always make sure that the requirements given by the clients are suitable to bridge the gap between the team and customer. Our managers are capable enough to handle technical issues and provide proper updates to our clients.

Timely Delivery

Delivering the clients project before deadlines is one of our industry ethics and our team puts whatever it takes to provide the quality project on time to our clients to suit their business requirements and a strong business relationship is kept between the client and Inventivum.

Cost Effectiveness

In this highly competitive era where clients have to pay greatly for their standard projects, our team is offering quality projects at a cost effective rate to meet the requirements of our clients and help them to achieve their business objectives.

Our Development Process

Post your Project Requirements
Our analysts will carefully review your project requirements and choose the most skilled source that is best-suited for your project.
Discuss Project Details with Our Analysts:
We at Inventivum bring our project professionals directly to your website throughout the On-Site delivery model. We will put our skilled employees on your location to work in line with your in-house team from beginning to implementation.
Choose Engagement Terms and Timelines:
Based on the project consultation offered by our experts, you can select the meeting timelines for your project implementation.